General FAQs

What is the Lions at Large Trail?

A free, sculpture trail through the streets, parks and open spaces of Cheltenham and Gloucester, running from July – September 2025. It will feature painted Lion sculptures; 30+ big and 30+ small to raise funds for Cheltenham and Gloucester Hospitals Charity, The Big Space Cancer Appeal.

Why a Lion?

Lions represent the courage needed to face cancer, as a patient and loved one. Lions work as a pride (family) to survive. They tenderly care for each other’s young, the elders and work together to find food.

Who is responsible for the Lions at Large Trail?

It is a Wild in Art event brought to you by Cheltenham and Gloucester Hospitals Charity.

Who are the project’s main partners?

We are really pleased to have the BID from Cheltenham and Gloucester as our presenting partners for the respective areas.

How can I get involved?

The Pride of Lions is all about coming together as one. Businesses, artists, local communities and schools can celebrate the character of the area and its cultural identity. This world-class, large-scale public event will:

  • Provide a trail through Cheltenham and Gloucester centres, parks and open spaces.
  • Thousands are encouraged to become a ‘tourist in their own county’ and discover or rediscover their community
  • Increase awareness, footfall and visitor spend
  • Engage local and regional professional artists
  • Provide a unified platform for businesses and organisations to engage with their own communities and customers
  • Create an education programme for schools, using creativity as a learning device
  • Attract regional and national visitors to Cheltenham, Gloucester and the surrounding areas
  • Showcase the creativity of Gloucestershire: its heritage, architecture and culture
  • Provide community engagement, fun and excitement!

There are a wide range of sponsorship opportunities on offer. Each level provides a variety of benefits to suit your marketing, public relations and corporate social responsibility objectives.

For sponsorship enquiries please contact Karen Organ on

For general enquiries please contact Carrie Smith on

Why should my business, organisation or group get involved?

  • Fantastic PR opportunities
  • Being aligned with a key event in Cheltenham and Gloucester that will have a lasting impact in 2025 and beyond
  • The direct introduction of your brand to new customers through interaction with the trail
  • Raising your brand awareness through interaction with the Lions at Large app and web pages
  • Showcase and bring footfall to your business
  • Opportunity for increased revenue with the app reward
  • Providing business-to-business networking opportunities
  • VIP invites to events and workshops associated with the trail
  • Increasing brand awareness through long-term exposure (12 -18 months)
  • Marketing opportunities through association with your own stories in media, online, and internal communications

What will be the economic benefit to the area?

Projects of this kind in similar-sized cities have demonstrated an uplift in visitor numbers, and increased spend, with people staying longer.

For example, in 2021, Worcester’s Big Parade created lots of fun, excitement, smiles and visitors to the city:

  • 96% of Worcester visitors said the trail had inspired them to stay longer than usual in the city and almost half visited four times or more!
  • On average they spent £27 during their visit, with 40% spending over £40 in a single trip.
  • 72% said they explored parts of the city they wouldn’t normally visit
  • 56%+ said they posted on social media before, during and after visiting and it was the most common way people heard about the trail
  • 18,000+ paper trail maps were collected from outlets across the city
  • 94% of sponsors felt that the trail helped to promote their business to those in and around Worcester
  • 88% of sponsors believe Worcester’s Big Parade had a positive impact on their business

* WBP Evaluation Project carried out independently my MEL Research – August 2022.

Who will pay for the lion sculptures to be made and decorated?

All the large Lions will be sponsored by businesses. The little Lions will be paid for by local schools or community groups or, a company has kindly sponsored a cub for them. The trail is a full-cost recovery project and it is thanks to our partners and sponsors that it comes to Cheltenham and Gloucester.

What is Wild in Art?

Wild in Art is the leading producer of spectacular public art events that entertain, enrich, inform and leave a lasting legacy. It brings together businesses and creative sectors with schools and local communities through the creation of uniquely painted sculptures.

Since 2008 Wild in Art has animated cities across the world including Manchester, Sydney, Auckland, Cape Town and São Paulo, and created trails for the London 2012 Olympics, the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Historic Royal Palaces and Penguin Random House.

Wild in Art events have:

  • Enabled over £23.6m to be raised for charitable causes
  • Injected £3.8m into local creative communities
  • Engaged over 1 million young people in learning programmes
  • Helped millions of people of all ages to experience art in non-traditional settings | @wildinart | #wildinart

Learning Programme

What is the Learning Programme?

Integral to the mane event is the Learner Programme which will be open to local schools and community groups enabling them to be part of this amazing experience during 2025.

Little Lion sculptures will accompany our Large Lions, exhibited at indoor locations as part of the trail in Cheltenham and Gloucester.

Once the Lions at Large trail has concluded, the cubs will make their way back to their school or community group where that will be their forever home.

How does my school/community group take part in the cub club?

Full details of the Learning Programme can be found on our Learning Programme Page. If you have any other questions, please submit an online form and we will be in touch.

Artists Programme

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in being an artist for the Lions at Large Trail please fill in the form on the artists web page. When we launch the call to artists, we will send you a submission pack for you to propose a design for one of the Large Lions.

How are successful designs chosen?

There are two stages to the selection process;

Stage 1: The initial submissions will be shortlisted. Artists will be notified if their designs have been shortlisted to stage 2.

Stage 2: Sculpture sponsors will attend a selection event, where they will select their chosen design to adorn their sculpture.

Successful Artists will be notified following the Selection Event, which will take place in January 2025.

If successful, will I be paid?

If commissioned, you will be paid. Each artist will be paid £1000. Payment will be made in two instalments; 50% on receival of the Lion and 50% on return of the completed sculpture.

Some artists may choose to waive this fee in support of Cheltenham and Gloucester Hospitals Charity, but this isn’t an expectation.

The Lion Sculpture will be provided to you at no charge. However, the cost of all materials, is your responsibility, with the exception of the varnish, which will be provided.

Where can I paint the sculpture?

Painting will take place in a public painting space, location TBC. Should you choose to paint your sculpture elsewhere, you will be responsible for associated collection and delivery costs, along with insurance.

When will I be required to paint the sculpture?

You will need to be available to paint a Lion for a period between March and April 2025. Allowing yourself enough time to complete the decoration process, varnish and drying time.

What happens to the sculpture after the trail period?

Following the trail, the sculptures will be auctioned in October 2025 to raise money for Cheltenham and Gloucester Hospitals Charity’s Big Space Cancer Appeal.

How do I find out more?

Full details of the Artist Programme can be found on our Artists Page. If you have any other questions, please submit an online form and we will be in touch.

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