Cheltenham BID and Gloucester BID join the Pride!

Date published: 1 May 2024

Cheltenham BID and Gloucester BID joins the Pride!

A big thank you to the BIDs from Cheltenham and Gloucester for putting the first paw prints on the Trail.

Both BIDs join us as presenting partners for their respective areas, we are so pleased to have them on board and are very much looking forward to working with them!

“Cheltenham BID stands tall in our support for Lions at Large – The Pride of Gloucestershire Trail. These stunning art sculptures will breathe new life and energy into our town centre. They’re more than just art; they’re catalysts for exploration, igniting curiosity in both visitors and residents to discover the gems of the town. I am looking forward to seeing the businesses support this trail.”
Francesca Inman, Cheltenham BID Chief Executive

Thanks to our Presenting Partners we can bring these unique sculptures to Cheltenham and Gloucester.

This trail will help to bring people together, attract people to the local area and make a difference for local cancer care through Cheltenham and Gloucester Hospitals Charity.

“Gloucester BID are pleased to be Gloucester’s presenting partner for the Lions at Large Trail. We are thrilled about the opportunity it brings for our local people, businesses and the economy of Gloucestershire. We can’t wait for the streets to be roaring with fun during the summer of 2025 and of course to help raise funds for this important cause.” Emily Gibbon, Gloucester BID Manager

If you are interested in joining the Pride, please visit our Sponsors page.

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