Meet Zale: The sculpture standing for courage and unity in the face of cancer

Date published: 1 April 2024

Meet Zale: The sculpture standing for courage and unity in the face of cancer

We are ‘roaring’ with excitement to be working with Christina Sadler, a local artist from Gloucester who has created ‘Zale – Our Journey’ Lion!

Christina draws inspiration from nature and enjoys delving into the alchemy of materials. She has worked with the NHS and various partners on projects aimed at enhancing mental health, such as creating art to improve interior environments and conducting outreach art sessions for both adults and young people.

Christina spoke to us about her inspiration around ‘Zale’.

“The sculpture stands not only as a symbol of courage and unity in the face of cancer but also as a poignant reminder of the diverse path individuals may walk on their cancer journey. While it embodies the strength and resilience of those who confront the illness, it also tenderly acknowledges that not every journey ends in remission.”

“In this space of reflection and solidarity, the sculpture gently whispers that regardless of outcomes, every individual is cherished, supported, and cared for along their unique path. It serves as a beacon of compassion, offering solace and comfort to those navigating uncertain waters, celebrating the precious moments and positive experiences that can be found in their journey, no matter its duration.”

“Through its presence, the sculpture tenderly embraces the entirety of the cancer experience, ensuring that everyone feels seen, valued, and embraced with unwavering love and support.”
‘Zale – Our Journey’ has been designed with a gold leaf mane to symbolise optimism, nobility and visual impact. The abstract wave design is a metaphor for resilience, and a symbol for natural harmony, healing, renewal and tranquillity. The blue colour is tribute to healthcare professionals and compassionate care.

We can’t wait to see Zale ‘roaring’ onto the streets of Cheltenham and Gloucester!

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